We could say it all began at a 2016 birthday party for women themed, Fabulous.

However, as we look back overtime, the passion for working with women has been there and growing for decades including on an international front. Years ago, Priscilla Dames was invited to speak to the women of parliament in Zambia, Africa. This was her first business related seminar to a female delegation. A couple of years later, she was honored to be invited to speak to the female staff at Egerton University, Kenya, Africa.

The presentation topic was, ‘Whose Music is it Anyway: The Language of Sexism.’  She’s presented to parents, The Miami-Dade Women’s Business Council, where she chaired and other women’s groups. As her business, Wingspan Seminars grew, Wings on Women was added as a component.

Overtime, Wingspan hosted events such as, a conference, Parenting: It’s a Journey, Pea’ Ce Awards

and Skydiving for Women’s Issues that brought awareness to selected concerns.

Simultaneously, she began to be recognized as a women’s leader and received such honors as the 50 Most Powerful, April 22, 2012 named Priscilla Dames Blake Day by the Women’s History Coalition of Miami-Dade County and Mayor Gimenez. She was later selected to meet Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Most recently, Priscilla was selected to be included in a photographic tribute, Women of a New Tribe, displayed in the Miami -Dade County Government Center, 2016, which is now being compiled into a book.

Priscilla has concluded that all roads have led her to Fabulous. The 2016 party highlighting women with easy fun ended on the cover of a magazine, IndigoLife, based in Georgia. Its mission mirrored the party’s purpose and what the group was beginning to emulate. The party highlighted women pursuing dreams at any age and began building a community.

The Fabulous Founder began a personal mission to spend more time improving her health, strengthening her financial prowessness, returning to her love of travel and giving herself the gift of enjoying life more. She realized so many women she surrounds herself with are like her, driven by work, commitments, business and responsibility overload. As the group grew, women were invited to join her on the journey to improved health, finances and shared fun

From health retreats to horseback riding to a limo road trip to Kroma Art Gallery to unveil the commissioned painting entitled Fabulous, the women came.

Whether a group of five or two hundred, they came together for fun, frolic and needed camaraderie.

Fabulous, by JCarol has become a signature piece for Professionally Fabulous.

Fabulous are those women that have paid dues to their families and communities and who are now on a mission to better take care of themselves and enjoy life. Professionally Fabulous has become a family of sister friends.


Priscilla B Dames-Blake

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