Our Fabulous Artists/Designers

Carol Brown: Fabulous Painting

Carol Brown presents: JCAROLART is a collection of paintings comprised of over thirty years of experiences and observations, while traversing the world and a wide variety of cultures. Looking up, looking down, looking all around, JCAROLART is a skillful mixture of wisdom and knowledge; creativity and inspiration; dedication and commitment; triumph in the face of adversity; and the recognition of being blessed every step of the way!


Julia Polonye: Fabulous Jewelry

fabulus jewlery julia 2

I have created art all my life with every medium available to me. My art references and reflects our ancestral adornments to modern day designs. With my ceramic art I create from the heart, historical images, storytelling and the diaspora heritage. My artwork offend reflects the rural lifestyle and the whimsy, weaving together ideas, social issues and everyday life. I am self-taught however I have taken my classes with professionally trained teacher and instructors in the Arts for over thirty years. At the age of thirteen I received the first place award for Industrial Art of New York City. I am currently member of the Ceramic League of Miami for over 11 years and continue to work and train.